N’Uest W brings the cinematography in new video

Its not often when in one day you are presented with multiple amazing videos, and yet it is only monday and we have already got 3 bangers on our list. Speaking of list, the new N’uest W brings just that. An amazing beat with a phenomenal video clip. I dont know who filmed this, but i know whoever did has a real eye for art and design. And on top of that knows how to work with the real talent of N’Uest W. Indeed the vocals and the cinematography work so well together,  hand in hand bringing a real story and twist to what you are hearing and seeing.

I don’t know about anyone else, but the visuals for this clip are just phenomenal. Every member looks like they are out of a Final Fantasy video game. The clothes design, the hair styles and colours…it’s just all so well co-ordinated and makes them all pop spectacularly. ( and yes my crush on Baeko gets stronger and stronger!)