The trouble with Cube Entertainment: when old school thinking ruins something beautiful

hyuna cube e'dawn

So today we wake up to the heartbreaking news that Cube Entertainment has kicked both Hyuna and E’Dawn out of the company. For those who have been sitting under a rock for the last month, Hyuna and E’Dawn came out and admitted they had been dating for the last two years. Which really is no one’s business, but with anti-fans of the two circulating rumours, they felt it was necessary to come out to the public and be honest with their fans.  A totally respectable thing to do. However this was not good enough for followers of the two, and those hysterical fans screamed with hate, abusing both Hyuna and E’Dawn for stealing their Oppa/Noona.

Instead of looking after their Artists, we see Cube Entertainment go into panic mode. And not in a good way. The correct way  to deal with this, especially into today’s society, is not to shut down the artists and punish them for dating, but to support them and put these small minority self absorbed brats of fans, down. Why are you all so scared of your biases dating? because you are purely selfish. There ain’t no way in hell that your Oppa/Noona is going to date you. Yet these fans have panicked Cube,  and instead of weathering a few weeks of crazy fans, have magnificently pulled the plug on not only Hyuna, but also disbanded Triple H and the removal of the beloved leader of Pentagon with it.  Great going guys, that’ll really show the community you mean business.

The worst thing about this, is that for years Hyuna has been Cube’s bread and butter. She has been holding the company afloat for the last few years, with her amazing talent and multiple number one hits. Indeed without Hyuna’s talent in not only 4minute, but also her solo career, and multitude of modelling contracts and other advertising revenue, then Cube would not be in the financial situation they currently find themselves (although since writing my essay this their stock prices have plummeted. karma bitches).

In the last couple of years E’Dawn has been a rising talent not only on the stage, but also behind the scenes, and has produced a huge chunk of music for Pentagon, Triple H, Hyuna and others.  E’Dawn was the rising prodigy within the company, pushing forward the new generation of bands for Cube.

To remove two incredibly loved and prominent members of Cube for the act of being human and falling in love. And yeah yeah yeah, I keep hearing the calls of “its a Korean cultural thing” “you don’t understand it’s cultural…” So it’s a cultural thing to prevent two people from falling in love?  It’s OK to bully and intimidate and send death threats to people because it’s a cultural thing? You as a fan have full control over an Idols life because its cultural? You would prefer to see your Oppa’s and Noona’s  so depressed that they choose suicide because they have no control of their life or even have a private life? Even that small amount of private time is constantly interrupted by fans. The inability to love ANYONE because your so called fans will hate your partner and will just bombard them with hate until its too hard to handle, and the relationship breaks down. But its OK because its a cultural thing. We wouldn’t get it.

Well I’ll tell you what I do get, I see a bunch of messed up fans, who think just because you buy an album you have autonomous rights over another human being. That you can interfere with their private life,  disrespect their property/person/love right. I see companies following these mentally unstable fans’ yells, simply because those yells are the loudest. Instead of looking at the minority of fanatic fans in Korea, Cube should consider the majority of fans internationally and nationally who were thrilled with the announcement of these two.  I see Cube rewarding their neck-beard and saesang fans for their instability by removing those very Artists that stood up for truth.

Hey neck-beards! Hyuna isn’t gonna be your Waifu … and Saesangs, your Oppa will never marry you. Get over yourselves.  Are we not supposed to be here for the music? The talent? The amazing skill?  STOP TAKING OVER PEOPLES LIVES. They are not your servants!

We have had enough of our beloved Idols try to commit suicide or have succeeded over the last 2 years. We have, as a community suffered due to fanatical fans destroying Idols lives. And now we see Cube affirming it’s OK to destroy the careers of two Idols because they came out as a couple.  They are literally perpetuating the idea that, Idols are just beautiful talented trash to be thrown away as soon as there is a mere imperfection.  And that I will not stand for.

I think the thing that hurts most, for the majority of fans, is just how disrespectfully Hyuna and E’Dawn were removed. From the latest information we have, both stars found out by a news article they had been removed. There was no talk, there was no correspondence. There was no respect. Their biggest money-maker, and most talented prodigy just kicked to the curb without even a meeting or communication as to what was going on. As a fan how can you NOT be angry at this treatment. Hell even if you are not a fan, its clear to see just how exploitative Cube Entertainment is. And yet somehow they expect Pentagon to promote with a song that E’Dawn has co-produced himself!?

Already we are hearing reports of Korean Saesangs and Neck-beards applauding the efforts of Cube. The small loud voice gets the attention, and that is sad. In a world of uncertainty, the one thing we have is love. Lets not destroy it and allow selfish obsessed fans take that away from the majority of people who believe in love. I sincerely hope Papa YG, JYP or SM pick up these legends and they go on to amazing brilliant things. Love is love. Let them love.