Yo Jay Park! Where’s your head at With ‘V’ ???

The last few weeks I have been grumbling to the HPP team that I wish a really fucking mental clip would come out… Don’t get me wrong, we have had some absolutely awesome hits smashing us, but I was looking for something a little different; a little insane, a little bit “WTF Mayte!”

In comes the blessed Jay Park to the rescue with his new song “V“!  But seriously bro, where’s your head at?

I’m not quite sure what the premise is for the video, I can tell he’s liking those international girls though, and that he doesn’t mind being covered in Bees?

This clip is bright and disorientating at times, with crazy animations littered in between. V is definitely my favourite MV/ for this year hands down. You just can’t get this trippy without Jay park! (well maybe if you are Seenroot you can 😂).

Check out “V” now and give us your thoughts! Was it way too trippy for you? or did you love the craziness of it all!