Visual-Kei kings Dir En Grey make a return with Ranunculus

Visual-Kei  shock rockers, Dir En Grey have made a dramatic comeback with their new song Ranunculus.  Its been over four years since the controversial Gothic-gore group has released an album, and I for one am loving the new release.

The MV/ as with any Dir En Grey release is both intense and dramatic. Older fans will love that the band has not refrained from bringing the super creepy vibe to this video, which is the staple of any good Dir En Grey clip.

I am also digging Vocalist Kyo’s brand new look! (although i am going to miss that glorious hair of his!).  Check out the video here:


I have been a big fan of the Visual Kei genre for at least over 10 years now, and its always exciting when Dir En Grey  release music, as they always do it properly. Great video, great sound. I am sincerely looking forward to hearing the album when its released.

Their new album “The Insulated World” is set to be released on the 26th of September so make sure you check it out!