SHINee get their first Australian iTunes Number 1!!!

Its been a long time coming! The suave sophisticated and sexy SHINee have made a comeback tonight, and have for the first time ever received their first iTunes number one in Australia!

We are simply digging the hell out of the new song Countless. Indeed the songs great beat and tempo, and well as the amazing vocal range of the band is really put on show. Countless gripped me first time I heard it and I know that this song is going to get some hefty votes for the forthcoming awards season.


The other great mention to this song is the trippy MV/ that comes with it. The SHINee boys are wearing some of the coolest fashion, while surrounded by stark bright colours and plants. But it works! This makes for a really fun clip.

So tell us your thoughts on SHINee’s Latest comeback! Did it hit the mark for you?